Sunday, July 5, 2015

For Home : Vegetable Garden

Hi everyone! We have a small vegetable garden right on our backyard. I thought I'll share with you a peek of what's in our vegetable garden this year. Every year we always try and add something new. Fresh vegetables are awesome and delicious!:)

  • Grape Tomatoes - One of our favorite to plant!:) It's really good. We planted 2 of these and there's so much to harvest already. Love it!

  • Curry Plant - This is something new to us, we haven't planted this one before. And really curious if it taste the same as the curry in a jar that we can find in any grocery store! Can't wait!:)

  • Pemiento / Sweet Peppers - Another favorite! I actually really like the pepper leaves for soup. They add a perfect flavor and it taste so good. 

  • Lemon Grass - If you haven't tried using lemon grass for cooking. You're missing out! Lemon grass adds an awesome flavor and aroma to the food. Try to add it when making a roasted chicken along with some other spices, it's super delicious! And there's a lot more recipe to try using this one.

Usually before winter comes or when it's cold enough that makes the plants dry. We harvest them all and freeze them. That way we don't waist anything, and we can just grab them anytime in the freezer if it's time to use them.:) Just a perfect supply until spring comes again and we can plant another batch for the year!:)

We are not professional gardener in any way. During our first year in gardening, we actually have some plants that didn't work. I guess it's part of learning and getting better as you try more. It's been 4 years now having a vegetable garden. 

Every year is a new beginning and we really enjoy it!:)

Don't forget, you can also plant in a container. Try to plant 1 or 2 types of plants just to start and see how it works for you.:)

Thanks again for joining me today!:)


  1. Cool pics, that curry plant sounds interesting, I am looking forward to hear how it taste.


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