Sunday, May 14, 2017

Video: Vintage Clothing Thrift Haul + Try On!

Hello friends! I created a simple & short video to show you some vintage pieces that I found in the thrift store. When I got these items they are in perfect condition and looks brand new, which makes me more excited!:) I washed all of them and they look all fantastic!

I'm super picky with my clothings, & one reason why I love vintage pieces, is because they are unique and chances are you'll never see it anywhere else.

I love the quality and cuts of vintage clothings. However I'm not into dressing up like on a certain era / dressing old on specific era. I just like vintage pieces and mixing it up with modern pieces that works well.:)

There are so many clothing this day that is inspired by vintage fashion. So why not go for the real vintage if you can find it!:)

Skirts cost $3.99 each. And dresses cost $ 4.99 each. Yup! I got those 4 items for less than $20.Yay!

I hope you enjoyed today's post!:)

Looking forward to style these pieces.

Stay tune! Thanks for stoppin' by.:)

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