Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: Jesse's Girl Lip Liner - Plummie

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!:) Let's start our week here with another product review!Woohoo!:) 

Check out this lip liner by Jesse's Girl - Plummie shade.

I bought it awhile back, it's pretty inexpensive. It's about $1.99 at Rite Aid. I really like that it has a sharpener included.:)

I believe there are 6 shades to choose from. Plummie caught my attention since I know it will match more on my lipstick collection.:)

This color is really pretty, it's perfect for fall or holiday time too!:)

My Thoughts: This is a really pigmented lip liner, for the price it's really amazing!:) The swatched above shows you the 1 swipe, as well as layers of it if you want to apply it all over your lips.

It is a lipliner, so it is definitely matte and dry. Unless you like that kind of texture. I prefer to apply it all over my lips and add same shade of lipstick or lipgloss over. Some days, just the lip liner all over the lips and lip balm works for me too.

It is very easy to apply, not too soft / creamy to the point that it will easily bleed after eating / drinking through out the day. It has a nice long lasting formula.

I recommend it for you to try if you're looking for one. I would rate it 5 star out of 5. Love it!:)

Thanks again for joining me today!:)


* This is not a sponsored post. I share my thoughts about any products that I love and happy with the result.

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  1. These are my favorite lip liners! I thought my Rite Aid just carried a few colors and was looking into ordering more of the colors online but found out they only have the six colors total!! 😢 so sad... These are amazing for the price and I want them to come out with more! Especially since two or three of the ones they have are frosty! Eewwww


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