Monday, December 19, 2016

Winter Casual Outfit Idea / Mixed & Matched: Black & White / Winter Coat & Scarf

Christmas is getting there, and winter is right up there too!:) It's definitely getting colder around here. How's your winter wardrobe going?:) Are your coats ready yet for these colder months ahead?:)

Today is another style idea that is perfect for this cold weather. Black & White is such a classic color, which you can pair up with anything. I have this double breasted coat in like forever, the style is something you can dress up or down. The plaid design adds more interest to this coat, and don't forget the amazing pockets!:)

( Coat : Macy's , Scarf : Target , Bag : Fossil )

A higher neckline is definitely a big plus in a coat to keep us warm & cozy. And this coat does it for me. I also added & paired it with a printed black & white scarf. 

Mixing Plaid & other prints is something scary to do, but this one works for me.

I guess with the same color family or keeping the color minimal makes it easier to mixed and matched.

Thanks for joining me today. Stay warm & have a happy holidays!:)

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Product & Service Review: LensCrafters & Ray-Ban

I always have my eyes checked every year. My prescription is a little bit higher than last year but not that bad. After getting it checked on the place where I go every year, I decided to try a different place to get my glasses this time. I thought to share it here, maybe it will be helpful to some of you.

I decided to try LensCrafters which is located inside the Mall in my area. It's a pretty nice location and has a good number of selection. There was a lot of customers that day, as soon as I entered the store, I was browsing around, checking which frame will I go for. A staff approached me asking if I need help which is nice, knowing it's so busy that day (Saturday), I talked to him but I needed more time to look around.

Took me awhile to find what I'm looking for. This Ray-Ban looks modern , sleek , light , and has a matte frame. Love it! I approached the same staff and let him know that I'm ready, he then asked me to go to specific table, and a women staff greeted me, I handed my prescription to her (they also have eye check-up available there which is awesome), but since I have one already, all she need to do is to look up the name of my eye Doctor. She entered all the information on the computer. Very easy.

She asked me to look on the camera,which is just beside her computer and right in front of me. She took a photo, once my photo is on her computer, she look at it and did some measurements on my eye area.

After that, she told me that she will go and check if they have my glass lenses in stock (nice! on my previous optical, I have to wait for 2 weeks since there's no other choice). They have a "lab" looking room which is visible - glass room and you can see people working.

She came back, and told me that my glass lenses are in stock and I should be able to pick them up after 1 hour. Sweet!:) So we finished all  the paper works, insurance and payments. 

I came back after an hour, got my glasses. A different staff was helping me this time, he asked me to try my glasses on, he then made some adjustments on the "hook" part of it so it won't fall off. He cleaned them and put them in its case and bag.

He also told me how to clean it properly, for both glasses and frame. He also gave me some Pre-Moistened Lens Towellette to try. 

Prices may vary for frames and lenses and also depends on your insurance. Overall, I love my new glasses, and so happy with their service.:)

So glad you stop by! Thanks for joining me today!:)
* This is not a sponsored post. I share my thoughts about any products & services that I love and happy with the result.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Essentials for Sweater Weather : Fall / Cold / Winter Season

Yay! Happy first day of December!:)

Fall Leaves is definitely one of the top highlights during this season. And right now, as the wind blows, those beautiful leaves are already falling down slowly. I can't deny that we are still having an amazing weather, but it's getting cooler everyday, we have to get ready and be prepared on this sweater weather!:)

(Sometimes it's the most obvious/basic things that we tend to
Here are some Essentials that is a must have for this colder months:

  • Sweater / Jacket / Coat - Definitely find the most comfortable sweater / jacket that will keep you warm. My favorite everyday jacket one has a fluffy / Fleece lining , waterproof , & wind breaker. 
  • Under-Shirt / Tees / Thermal - It's best if it's long sleeve with higher neckline, these stuff are awesome for layering. I like when it's a little bit hugging on my skin, so it won't move everywhere.
  • Fleece Lined Leggings / Fleece Pants / Tights - It's just the most comfortable thing to wear, specially when walking around and doing some errands.
  • Socks - Tons of available cute socks out there. There's also alot of thickness to choose from.
  • Boots - Find the most comfortable boots that works for you. It can be over the knee, ankle, rain / waterproof that's also perfect for snow days. 
  • Sneakers - It's great whole year round. You can never go wrong with a great pair of sneakers.
  • Fleece Slip-On - This is my newest addition in my shoe collection, It's very comfortable everyday slip-on and definitely will keep you warm. love it!
  • Beanie & Earmuffs - Some days are windy, keep your hair in place with a cute beanie. Also, it will help to cover your ears and keep it warm.
  • Gloves - Definitely a must have, when it's freezing cold.
  • Scarves - Get a few soft scarves, some are even big enough that can be use as a poncho.
  • Lotion & Moisturizer - It's really drying during cold season, so keep your skin moisturize and hydrated.
  • Petroleum Jelly / Lip Balm - Dry lips is very common around this time of year too, make sure to carry some lip balm with you.
  • Leave-In Conditioner (Spray) - It might sound weird, but hair static is also common when it's cold, specially when you have a long hair, it sticks everywhere. Leave-In conditioner will help to prevent less static.
  • Water - No doubt! Keep on drinking water to stay hydrated.
Hmmm..... I'm sure I forgot something which happens all the time!lol But hey, leave a comment below if there's more we need to add.

I guess a cup of Coffee or Hot Chocolate is a must have too!lol

As always, thanks for visiting. See you nexttime!:)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Face: SkinCare Routine - How to make it effective?

I'm sure each of us has our own "go to" products that is best for our skin. Have you discovered any favorites yet?  If so, how do you know if it's effective? Decisions...decisions... after trying quite a lot of products, I finally found the one that works best for me.

But before choosing any of those products, where do we really start? Here's a simple tip that might be helpful!:)

Know your skin type: NormalDry, Oily, Sensitive , or any Combination

Alright, once you know your skin type, it's time to find the perfect products - Don't forget to check the label!:) 

Here are my Face: Skincare Routine products that works best for my skin type. (Remember to only use products that is best for your skin.)

  • Olay Facial Wash - It is super soft foaming cleanser. Really gentle for your skin, specially if you have a sensitive skin.
  • BlackHead Scrub - I used facial scrub from time to time to deep clean the pores and to make it extra clean aside from facial wash. I always use different brand since I am trying out new products. I'm currently trying out this Target brand Up&Up. So far, so good.
  • Biore Pore Strips - I've always been using this brand ever since, it works wonders. I only use the nose strips, and sometimes, I used it after cleaning my face with facial scrub. It seems like it's getting more stuff that way. Have you tried that step?
  • Olay Complete Moisturizer - This product is the best, no matter what your skin type is, we need to put moisturizer. Even better because this one has a sunscreen too. I have an in depth review of this product here.
  • ELF Face Primer - I haven't talk too much about this product yet, but I will have a review about it soon. Face Primer is definitely a great product to put before adding any make up on your face. Basically it seals pores, and keeps your make -up flawless and nice.
  • Petroleum Jelly - We definitely need to take care of our lips as well. I always apply it everyday and no more dry lips!:) You can also apply this before applying your matte lipstick, if you think your lipstick is too dry / too matte.
Any face skincare products you're loving these days? I'm always looking for some new products to try. Please share it in the comment section below!:)

As always, so glad you stop by!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!:)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Breath & Take a Break - Things you might enjoy on your spare time!

Hello everyone! Holiday is fast approaching. I'm pretty sure some of you is already starting making a Christmas lists that you need to get for your love ones.:) But hey! Whatever you've been doing that keeps you busy - Don't forget to take a break, relax, and just take it one step at a time.:)

It is a busy month in my household, aside from all those Christmas shopping that is needed to be done early. We have two birthdays this month- that would be me & my daughter's!:) She's having a party wih school friends, so the preparation actually started since last month (October), Yay!.

But let me share with you the things that keeps me motivated when I need a little break.:)

  • BLOGS - I want to share with you these 2 amazing bloggers that is very inspiring for me - they are very dedicated to their blogging journey and their contents are truly entertaining. Both has youtube channels which I really enjoyed a lot!:) I hope you can check them out!
  1. Shot From The Street
  2. Fashion Mumblr
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - No doubt! If I can bring my camera anywhere, I would!:) Taking tons of photos is very refreshing for me. Specially when it's outdoor!:) I can take a photo of a unique leaf and that will brighten up my day!:) It's the little things that will make me smile!:)

  • SCRAPBOOK - Life is a story, Scrapbook it!:) I take tons of family photos every month, & I love preserving it, writing notes about the story behind that photo. I scrapbook because I want to be able to look back and remember each special memories that I can pass on to my kids. 

  • SAMSUNG GALAXY TABLET S2 9.7" - I 've never been a techy kind of person, I was even late on a bandwagon of having a smart phone (lol). As most of you know, I run a small business on my spare time, and I finally was able to invest this tab just this year from the money that I saved from my business. This is another perfect addition that I needed for my small business. Everytime I look at it, it keeps me going & reminding me that just work hard, and everything will follow.:)
  • BOOKS - I was never a dedicated (story / series) book reader. Only school books or magazines!:) But since I got my Tab, I have been downloading series books that I really enjoyed. I'm such a young at heart (lol) - I do enjoyed young adult love stories!:) Eeek!:) I also downloaded quite a few business management related books that is such a good read!:)
  • MUSIC - Take me back to 80's & 90's songs!:) Music is close to my heart, ever since I was a little girl, singing is one of the things I enjoyed the most.:) Although I do have favorite musics/artists these days, I still do listen to my favorite songs from 80's & 90's!:) I'm a little bit old school!lol

Now it's your turn!:) What are the things you enjoyed the most on your spare time?

Thanks again for joining me today!:)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fashion vs Style: How to Define Your Style?

I have been into different phases when it comes to fashion. I guess, it's just a matter of time!:) We've all been into time where we always try what's on trend everytime (nope, nothing wrong with that.).

Sometimes it works at the same time for me, by finding a fashion piece/s that works on my style!:)

But which one are you? 1.) Always follow what's on fashion trend? 2.) Or stick to your own style that defines you? - I have to say that when I was younger, I'm on No.1 - always follow the fashion trend, which is really fun and a great way to try new / current style that's out there. But that change as I grow older. I keep going back to this certain style that is just simple , basic, & classic. I chose comfort over anything else. And that's how I know that this is really how I define my style. I couldn't be more happier!:)

I created some boards in my pinterest that will inspire me more when it comes to organizing my wardrobe. Pieces that I can mix & match. Or pieces that is still missing.

I'm very inspired and slowly adding more inspiration in every board. I hope you can check out those links to see them upclose.:)

They are pretty minimal when it comes to pattern, I prefer just solid color with some fun / interesting details here & there. And if there is a kind of pattern, it will be stripes , plaid, or some kind of texture on the fabric.:)

This board is focusing more on the formal wear that is perfect for work or formal occasions.
Now it's your turn!:) How do you define your style? Which style do you keep going back to? 
There is definitely no right or wrong here - to each has own!:) 

Thanks again for joining me today!:)
I hope you can visit me on my Pinterest to check each Boards. 

As always, so glad you stop by!:)

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall Casual Outfit Idea : Pumpkin Patch / Flannel Shirt / Plaid / Black Jeans

You can't say hi to Fall without going to Pumpkin Patch!:) Honestly, if there's one near your area, you should definitely try if you haven't. You get to experience not only by picking your own pumpkins but also these: Hay Ride, Corn Maze, Fun activities for kids & more! 

Wear something comfortable and you don't mind getting it dirty. It can be dusty & muddy- depending on the weather. It was pretty chilly when we went but sunny, my flannel top was enough to keep me warm.:) 

Flannel & Plaid seems like a perfect combo. One of a must have during Fall and also Winter.:)

( Jeans: Levi's , Top: Local Boutique , Shoes: Keds)

Here are the pumpkins that we ended up getting!:) Aren't they cute?:) 

Thanks again for joining me today!:)

So happy you stop by! Have a lovely weekend!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Everyday Casual / Fall Outfit Idea : Emerald Green Sweater / Black Jeans

When I first saw this sweater, I knew I have to have it. It's a beautiful jewel tone / emerald green that's just blends in well when it's fall time. Lovin' how it has a blue undertone as well when you see it upclose. Not to mention it's so soft and comfortable...

Don't you just love when sweaters has pockets & hoodie? Ah! Love it!:)

I have to say that I don't have anything else in my wardrobe that has this color - since I wear  a lot of grey, black, white/cream, blue, & blush. I love it when I find something out of the box and yet still works for my

Paired it with my skinny black jeans which I wear a lot. And one of my favorite casual shoes. Lovin' those tiny polka dots which adds a little something to the outfit.
( Top: Eddie Bauer , Jeans: Local Boutique , Shoes: Keds)

Have you tried buying something that's out of your comfort zone but still lovin' it? Would love to hear your story!:)

As always, so glad you stop by!:)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Quick Lists Of Things To Love About Fall Season!

There's always something special every season. But Fall is my favorite! How about you?:) Here are some things to love about Fall that you might also enjoy. 

Fall Colors / Changing Leaves - Oh so lovely! Fall foliage is unbelievable, it's so beautiful & picture perfect!:)

Sunny & Chilly Weather - Love going for a nice walk? you will just enjoy this year's weather, with a beautiful surroundings, you'll also love the fresh air & breeze. You'll be surprise what other amazing things you'll find.

Warm & Cozy Sweaters - There are tons of new warm clothing coming out during fall time, and sweaters are definitely one of the most popular. I hope you found your favorite sweater!:)

Boots - Yup! Totally no need to say anything else. Gotta love more boots! lol

Pumpkin Patch - My kids love pumpkin patch! We love to pick our own pumpkins straight from the farm + hay ride. Amazing experience!
Pumpkin Carving - We always design our own pumpkins and enjoying every moment.

Halloween (Kids Dressing Up) - The only part why I like halloween is seeing my kids happy & looking cute with their costumes. And of course, tons of happy trick or treaters.

Apple Picking - Getting your own apples from the apple trees? Yes!!!

Football ( for sports fanatic.) - My husband loves it!:)
Starbucks Fall drinks - Pumpkin Spice Latte & Salted Caramel Mocha - that's for me!lol

Thanksgiving & Family Gathering - Lovin' family visits and Thanksgiving Dinner.:)
Fall Decorations - Found a very lovely fall wreath for our front door. Just lovin' decorations whole year round!:)

If there's anything that I missed, please leave a comment letting me know what you love about Fall!:)

As always, so glad you you stop by!:)

Monday, October 10, 2016

Everyday Casual Outfit: Oversized Top + Tiny Grey Stripes + Crochet Details

It's one of those beautiful days where you just need to go out and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold:) We decided to go for a nice walk in the park, while kids are also enjoying their bike ride.

It's sunny & chilly at the same, so a lightweight long sleeve top is just perfect for me. This top has a nice hoodie as well to cover my ears if it gets windy, but I don't really need to use it yet.:)

We stop to rest for a little bit and what a perfect spot to take some photos. Enjoyed it much!:)

Here's a closer look of this comfortable top, lovin' the crochet detail with tiny grey stripes.

Matched with one of my favorite everyday shoes.

And some accessories that I used that day.:)

( Top: Marshalls , Jeans: Roxy , Shoes: Roxy , Bag: Nine West, Sunglasses: Target )

Thanks for joining me today!:)

Have a lovely week!:)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Review: Rimmel London - Stay Matte Pressed Powder / 001 Transparent

Hello everyone! thanks again for joining me today.:) I'm here to quickly share another product review with you. It's the Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent 001.

It's an affordable pressed powder, I got it at target for less than $5. Price wise it's already reasonable. But, will it do it's job?:) Let's see!

It doesn't come with sponge when you buy it, but I always use my powder brush for this one.

My thoughts: As most of you know, I have a sensitive skin. I don't trust face make-up products easily. I also don't wear foundation everyday, not a big fan of sticky liquid foundation (although I have a favorite not-sticky liquid foundation that I use for special occasions only - I will share that nexttime.).

Sometimes I get an oily t-zone area on my face, after applying this powder, it does it's job to control the shine.Simply love it! It's pretty long lasting for me. This is transparent shade - It won't give you any coverage to hide pimples or blemishes, but it will definitely control shine on your face.

When I'm having a nice skin day I only put this one specially when I run some errands like grocery shopping where I don't really need to put a lot of make-up. I used just this powder, blush, lipsticks, and of course eyebrow powder.

I really love this product, I didn't have any problem as far as allergies. Or even creases after applying it.  This is actually my 2nd purchased since I used it all up quickly.

Another thing that I discover is that, on some days where I have to put my powder foundation which gives me more coverage. I apply this powder first before applying my powder foundation. The reason is, when I put my powder foundation first, It makes my face shiny / dewy after awhile (it's just a preference but not really liking that.) So I put the translucent powder first + my powder foundation, and it definitely works for me. Lovin' how it gives me a healthy glow but not shiny after awhile.

It is an amazing go to pressed powder. I tried using it with sponge - it works wells too! But I used my powder brush more which gives a nice finish.

If you're someone who loves simple look with not a lot of coverage, try it - remember they have more shades that you can try as well.

All in all. This powder is 5 star out of 5 for me. It blends well, it controls the shine well, lightweight, & very easy to apply.

Thanks again for joining me today!:)


* This is not a sponsored post. I share my thoughts about any products that I love and happy with the result.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Casual Outfit : A Blue Kind of Day!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.:) Sweater weather is right up my alley, how about you?:) Today I will be sharing another casual outfit idea for you!:)

I just love simple & comfortable style of clothing, somewhat minimal but has some special details.:)
I wear a lot of black, grey , cream /white, and if there's any pop of color in my wardrobe then it will be the shades of blue and blush pink.:) 

Here are some photos to enjoy!:)

(Top: Aeropostale , Shoes: Keds , Bag: Fossil, Shades:Marshalls Jeans:Macy's (I think I remember it right ;) - I have this jeans forever.)

Feel free to follow this blog to see more casual outfit posts in the future. I have more coming!:)

Thanks again for joining me today!:) 

Have a happy day!