Thursday, December 1, 2016

Essentials for Sweater Weather : Fall / Cold / Winter Season

Yay! Happy first day of December!:)

Fall Leaves is definitely one of the top highlights during this season. And right now, as the wind blows, those beautiful leaves are already falling down slowly. I can't deny that we are still having an amazing weather, but it's getting cooler everyday, we have to get ready and be prepared on this sweater weather!:)

(Sometimes it's the most obvious/basic things that we tend to
Here are some Essentials that is a must have for this colder months:

  • Sweater / Jacket / Coat - Definitely find the most comfortable sweater / jacket that will keep you warm. My favorite everyday jacket one has a fluffy / Fleece lining , waterproof , & wind breaker. 
  • Under-Shirt / Tees / Thermal - It's best if it's long sleeve with higher neckline, these stuff are awesome for layering. I like when it's a little bit hugging on my skin, so it won't move everywhere.
  • Fleece Lined Leggings / Fleece Pants / Tights - It's just the most comfortable thing to wear, specially when walking around and doing some errands.
  • Socks - Tons of available cute socks out there. There's also alot of thickness to choose from.
  • Boots - Find the most comfortable boots that works for you. It can be over the knee, ankle, rain / waterproof that's also perfect for snow days. 
  • Sneakers - It's great whole year round. You can never go wrong with a great pair of sneakers.
  • Fleece Slip-On - This is my newest addition in my shoe collection, It's very comfortable everyday slip-on and definitely will keep you warm. love it!
  • Beanie & Earmuffs - Some days are windy, keep your hair in place with a cute beanie. Also, it will help to cover your ears and keep it warm.
  • Gloves - Definitely a must have, when it's freezing cold.
  • Scarves - Get a few soft scarves, some are even big enough that can be use as a poncho.
  • Lotion & Moisturizer - It's really drying during cold season, so keep your skin moisturize and hydrated.
  • Petroleum Jelly / Lip Balm - Dry lips is very common around this time of year too, make sure to carry some lip balm with you.
  • Leave-In Conditioner (Spray) - It might sound weird, but hair static is also common when it's cold, specially when you have a long hair, it sticks everywhere. Leave-In conditioner will help to prevent less static.
  • Water - No doubt! Keep on drinking water to stay hydrated.
Hmmm..... I'm sure I forgot something which happens all the time!lol But hey, leave a comment below if there's more we need to add.

I guess a cup of Coffee or Hot Chocolate is a must have too!lol

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