Friday, February 24, 2017

Review: Not Your Mother's {Way To Grow Leave-In Conditioner}

Hello everyone! I can't believe February is coming to an end soon. I hope you're having an amazing month so far. Today, I'm back with another product review, this time, it's a hair care!:) I had a product review awhile back about the It's a 10 Leave-In Conditioner. And I have been looking for another brand to try.:)

Well guess what? I found one! and it's the Not Your Mother's {Way To Grow Leave-In Conditioner}.

When I was looking around one thing to consider is also the price, since leave-in conditioner can get really pricey. Well, I found this one for about $5 in Target, it has 177ml (6fl.oz) of product. Not bad at all!

I mainly bought it to detangle hair for my daughter and I, specially this winter season. But, it has more purposes!:)

"So you've let down your hair, but it's still not long enough? This salon formula leave-in conditioner will take care of that. Infused with Procapil, a breakthrough combination of ingredients that's been clinically proven to help your hair grow stronger and longer faster, NOT YOUR MOTHER'S Way To Grow Leave-In Conditioner will moisturize, detangle and smooth hair while building the strength you need for beautiful, healthy hair always."

What do you guys think? Awesome right?:)

My Thoughts: At First, I was hesitant to get it. I haven't read any reviews before getting it, so all in all I have no idea how this product will end up.

I love the packaging, and specially the spray. You can turn the red part to left or right to open, you'll see it up close. If the red part that's sticking out is in the middle that means it's close, and you won't be able to spray it. 

Scent / Smell - this is going to be difficult because not everyone will have the same taste. At first, it quite strong for my taste, but after awhile it's actually not that bad.

It's definitely soft, gentle, detangles hair easily, and makes your hair looks shiny and healthy. Which is what I'm looking for, trust me, I need this kind of product specially during winter. No more static hair!:)

Overall it's 5 star out of 5! I highly recommend for you to try it if you're looking for one.

I love it so much that I'm already using my second bottle. Yup! I got another one!:)

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Thanks for joining me today!:)

* This is not a sponsored post. I share my thoughts about any products that I love and happy with the result.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Warm Outfit for a Cold Winter Days ... Weekend Trip!

Hello February! Seriously, time flies!:) Sometimes a quick weekend trip is all we need to relax and enjoy the beautiful things around us.:) My family and I had a wonderful weekend trip up in the mountains, we enjoyed every moment, our hotel, food, area, & activities.

The winter weather has a little bit of everything at that time - foggy , rainy , & cold. Nonetheless, that didn't stop us in doing the amazing things planned.

These photos were taken early morning (lol). We were the first one there, their shop wasn't even open yet. We had a nice walk, family picture, & kids had a lot of fun.

A simple outfit like this is all I need for a cold winter days... sneakers, fleece pants , long sleeve shirt, jacket with fleece inside, scarf, & my knitted hat. I definitely felt nice & warm.:)

Thanks for stoppin' by!:)