Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Warm Outfit for a Cold Winter Days ... Weekend Trip!

Hello February! Seriously, time flies!:) Sometimes a quick weekend trip is all we need to relax and enjoy the beautiful things around us.:) My family and I had a wonderful weekend trip up in the mountains, we enjoyed every moment, our hotel, food, area, & activities.

The winter weather has a little bit of everything at that time - foggy , rainy , & cold. Nonetheless, that didn't stop us in doing the amazing things planned.

These photos were taken early morning (lol). We were the first one there, their shop wasn't even open yet. We had a nice walk, family picture, & kids had a lot of fun.

A simple outfit like this is all I need for a cold winter days... sneakers, fleece pants , long sleeve shirt, jacket with fleece inside, scarf, & my knitted hat. I definitely felt nice & warm.:)

Thanks for stoppin' by!:)

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