Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter Casual Outfit Idea : Black & Grey / Layering

It has been a pretty weird winter for me... It snowed one day but the week after that it feels like summer - just lovely - no complains!lol

I hope you're all doing well, winter is winter - some days are super cold & some days are just enough. Nonetheless, always keep yourself warm & comfortable. 

Here I'm wearing enough layers to keep me warm. If it's too cold I will definitely add up some thick scarf & cute beanie.:)
( Jacket: Billabong, Bag: Fossil, Everything Else: Local Boutiques)

What's your favorite layering piece for winter? 

Thanks for stoppin' by!

See you again nexttime!:)


  1. The weather has been crazy strange. We got hail in London
    Would love if we could follow each other on bloglovin!!!
    xx Leah


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