Monday, October 10, 2016

Everyday Casual Outfit: Oversized Top + Tiny Grey Stripes + Crochet Details

It's one of those beautiful days where you just need to go out and enjoy the weather before it gets too cold:) We decided to go for a nice walk in the park, while kids are also enjoying their bike ride.

It's sunny & chilly at the same, so a lightweight long sleeve top is just perfect for me. This top has a nice hoodie as well to cover my ears if it gets windy, but I don't really need to use it yet.:)

We stop to rest for a little bit and what a perfect spot to take some photos. Enjoyed it much!:)

Here's a closer look of this comfortable top, lovin' the crochet detail with tiny grey stripes.

Matched with one of my favorite everyday shoes.

And some accessories that I used that day.:)

( Top: Marshalls , Jeans: Roxy , Shoes: Roxy , Bag: Nine West, Sunglasses: Target )

Thanks for joining me today!:)

Have a lovely week!:)


  1. Love! So casual and chic. I'm needing some colder weather here in LA.


    1. Thanks Leslie! Hopefully it will get colder there soon!:)


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