Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fashion vs Style: How to Define Your Style?

I have been into different phases when it comes to fashion. I guess, it's just a matter of time!:) We've all been into time where we always try what's on trend everytime (nope, nothing wrong with that.).

Sometimes it works at the same time for me, by finding a fashion piece/s that works on my style!:)

But which one are you? 1.) Always follow what's on fashion trend? 2.) Or stick to your own style that defines you? - I have to say that when I was younger, I'm on No.1 - always follow the fashion trend, which is really fun and a great way to try new / current style that's out there. But that change as I grow older. I keep going back to this certain style that is just simple , basic, & classic. I chose comfort over anything else. And that's how I know that this is really how I define my style. I couldn't be more happier!:)

I created some boards in my pinterest that will inspire me more when it comes to organizing my wardrobe. Pieces that I can mix & match. Or pieces that is still missing.

I'm very inspired and slowly adding more inspiration in every board. I hope you can check out those links to see them upclose.:)

They are pretty minimal when it comes to pattern, I prefer just solid color with some fun / interesting details here & there. And if there is a kind of pattern, it will be stripes , plaid, or some kind of texture on the fabric.:)

This board is focusing more on the formal wear that is perfect for work or formal occasions.
Now it's your turn!:) How do you define your style? Which style do you keep going back to? 
There is definitely no right or wrong here - to each has own!:) 

Thanks again for joining me today!:)
I hope you can visit me on my Pinterest to check each Boards. 

As always, so glad you stop by!:)


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