Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Growing Meyer Lemon Tree

Hello everyone! I hope you're having an amazing day.💕 As most of you know I love plants! Last year, I have been adding more plants for my home, and one of my wishlist was to get a Meyer Lemon Tree. I know, it's a tree and I'm very excited about it!:)

I got one from Home Depot and planted it in a bigger pot, it was super tiny back then, hoping it will grow soon and will see those awesome fruits! Yay! You'll be surprise with how much it grew in just over year. Check out these photos below and it's timeline.

I can't believe I have my own Lemon Tree! Aren't those lemons adorable??? I'm soooo happy!😄 

It made more fruits than that but It did not survived, and sometimes I have to remove some in order for some other lemons to grow bigger.

I brought them inside during late fall to winter or until colder months is over. And bring them out again during spring time.

We harvested my first lemons during Thanksgiving this year and my kids loved their fresh lemonade!💗

I must say that I'm enjoying another new learning experience growing a lemon tree.

Thanks for joining me today!

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