Sunday, January 2, 2022

Quick Lists Of Things To Love About Snow Days!


Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome 2022! Wishing all the best for this year.:)
I hope you're having an amazing start of this new year. 

Have you been enjoying your weather so far? It's winter here and believe it or not it has been great!:) 
However, winter weather is different every year. What will you do if winter is full of snow days? 

Well, it's very rare in our area to have winter snow days. And when the beautiful fluffy snow came, here's what I did!

  • Be Alert - First, always check the news or online making sure it's not a winter storm warning or blizzards.
  • Snow condition - I love it if the snow is fluffy. I always wait until it will cover my backyard with white fluffy snow before going out.
  • Dress for winter weather - Once it's all good, it's time to go outside with my kids and let the fun begin!
  • Photoshoot - Enjoy the beautiful scenery, my backyard is like a scene from Narnia, I love it! It's a perfect backdrop for a winter photoshoot. We took plenty of photos for sure.
  • Activities - Create some fun memories with snow days! Making a snow angel, snowman, backyard sledding, winter photoshoot, and more!
  • Hot Cocoa or Coffee - The best part is to enjoy some warm drinks at the end!
These are just few of the things that you can enjoy and love during snow days. I know snow can also be a headache when it's too much. But when the time is right, I like to enjoy that moment because it doesn't happen everyday. 

Thanks again for joining me today!

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