Monday, May 1, 2017

Quick Lists Of Things To Love About Spring Season!

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a fantastic day!:) Spring has been really amazing - any favorites yet so far? Well, today I'm here to quickly share some lists of things that I love and have been enjoying every spring season.

Let'st start with a beautiful weather & clear blue sky, ah! Totally awesome!:)


These lovely flowers always amaze me every year. They are outside our neighborhood. And it always feels like a grand entrance every time I see them. It's pretty similar to cherry blossom. Just simply lovely!


I always add new plants every year. After a long winter season, adding some plants & flowers here & there makes me happy. Gotta add some pop of colors!


Aside from a fun easter egg hunt with our 2 little kids, it is already part of the family to color eggs every year during easter time. Adorable!


The sound of the rain is very relaxing, & it makes our plants really happy! As long as it's not too much rain / heavy rain, then I'm ok with that!:)

Don't forget picnics & eating outside is such a wonderful idea. We have been going near the lake already to enjoy every moment.

How about you? What do you like most about spring time?:) 

So glad you stop by! Enjoy the day!

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